Muslimah Sejati
Yang melindungi diri dan hatinya dengan malu,
Yang melabuhkan sopannya setiap penjuru,
Yang melembutkan suara merdunya,
Yang sentiasa tabah dan cekal hatinya,
Yang tidak pernah patah semangat wajanya,
Yang memberi cinta sejagat maya,
Yang memenuhkan hati dengan keinsafan,
Yang mengosongkan kalbu dari dendam,
Yang menyemarakkan kasturi dickelopak iman…

Muslimah dilahirkan dari rusuk kiri lelaki,
Muslimah dilahirkan layak menjadi suri,
Muslimah diciptakan untuk pasangan si suami,
Muslimah diwujudkan untuk meramaikan umat Nabi…

Muslimah adalah sebahagian kurniaan Ilahi,
Muslimah adalah sebahagian keindahan duniawi,
Muslimah adalah penyeri gelap malam…

Muslimah dipandang dari peribadinya,
Yang tentunya diharap dapat melembutkan….
Hati suami dan keluarga.

Muslimah dilihat dari budi bahasanya,
Yang sepenuh hati mencurahkan khidmat murninya…

Muslimah dinilai dari kesabarannya,
Yang tahu menjaga milik dirinya,
Menggenggam iman penuh ketakwaan…

Muslimah ditinjau dari sifat keibuannya,
Yang sanggup meramaikan umat Nabi,
Bukannya mementingkan kecantikan diri…

Kecantikan yang engkau perolehi milik Tuhanmu,
Perjalanan lalumu tidak akan diputar,
Sampainya waktu ketika,
Tanpa tersegera mahupun tertangguh biarpun seketika,
Ianya pasti bertandang jua,
Kerana yang berjiwa itu pasti akan merasai mati…

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Assalamualaikum! Selamat pagi ceria! Sekarang ni, saya berada di airport. Morning flight to Indonesia. My first solo flight. Jengjengjeng! But not to worry, it's not a solo trip. I'm meeting my parents there. They left  yesterday but I had school stuff to attend to yesterday.

Actually, pergi holiday pun tak tenteram. Too many things to do this week. But insya-Allah, I'll get through this. Yay! *smilez*

Ok, gonna finish my breakfast and head over to the boarding area soon! Boarding in 30 mins!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Pre sweden

Assalamualaikum..past few wks was super hectic..i've been having late days of work n believe it or not..had no time to even feel excited abt the sweden trip that im gonna have. In the midst of packing n getting new stuff, the excitement finally came. Awhile ago that is..n then came the leaving house and parting with siblings that were not following..suddenly feel sebak..

Now whilst on the way to the airport, some sort of family conflict turn up as well..*sighs* not a very good feeling to start a holiday trip. So now im just concentrating on looking forward to meeting my 2 sisters who are currently already there.

Insya-allah, may my parents and i reach there safely and return to sg safely too. Amin.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Swimming in work...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

I'm back after a long time of not doing much reflections... Currently, i'm swimming in work...just seem to have too many things to do. It totally doesn't help that it's Syawal because that means lots of visiting to do which means that instead of using the time to do work, I have to go visiting. Oh my, do i sound like a workaholic? But sriously...things dont get done if it's not done during weekends! =(

Ok...sorry, the purpose of this blog is to reflect and not complain. I should ask myself, why this happened instead? =(


Can i not face reality? Truth hurts.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

A fresh start yet again...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

Insya-Allah, I'm gonna put this minute as a fresh new start to my life. As the saying goes, there's nothing better than the present. Why wait till the start of a new week or a new month? I should start now, isn't it?

The past few months have been a never-ending swirl of emotions. Today, somehow, tergerak hati nak baca blog orang-orang yang lain...I typed jiwa kosong in google. Because that's somewhat what I'm feeling...but I shouldn't let emotions get the better of me. I know I'm stronger than this.

Ya Allah, I definitely need your help. I know that I haven't been putting in my best efforts in getting closer to you. Insya-Allah, I'll try to improve myself with your guidance. Please fill my heart with love for you and Rasulullah s.a.w.

So, fresh new start...i'm going to let go of my past and try my best to fulfill my responsiilities..insya-Allah...


Friday, February 24, 2012

being happy at the littlest things..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

dono y but i juz felt like sharing a little 2day...on my way hme juz nw, was feeling rather hungry, so, stopped by delifrance n decided to try out their mini chocolate eclair. after i took a bite, i was like 'wow...taste is super awesome!' alhamdulillah.. juz felt thankful to b able to taste sumting like dat..=)


Monday, June 27, 2011

my baby steps...

25 Rejab 1432H

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

Hari ini, perjalanan hidupku sebagai seorang guru telah dimulai...Alhamdulillah, my first lesson tadi was ok. The kids were manageable, so far...not sure if it's just to my credti or because there's another person in the class. I think the kids have potential. And I hope I'll be able to help them reach their potential. Insya-Allah. May Allah guide me in this journey. =)


Amal Hayati.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


went for a midnite movie at johor...firstly, we watched rasuk...but de movie was super bad...i feel that d acting was fake (especially between the husband and wife) it juz seems very unnatural. so, due to d horrible choice of movie, we decided to watch another movie...and we watched the green lantern.

initially, i was apprehensive in watching the movie...afterall, im not into these type of movies..but after watching the movie, i felt that it was awesome! n i even managed to draw out some learning points. Basically in life, we should always fight our fears. We should not be afraid to admit our fears but instead face it in order to overcome the fear. Willpower is also something that is very powerful. All we need to do in life is to harness this willpower in order to do anything! =)

Focus and concentrate!



Sunday, March 6, 2011

keeping my sanity..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

Currently into my third week of practicum, 2nd week of teaching...

n sumhw, i am super duper stressed out...not juz by de lesson prepwork...but im back into my -i lack self-esteem state- not onli dat, i'm once agn feeling de pinch of not having close frenz whom i can talk to to let loose my feelings...n hence, i'm oso feeling pressured coz of dat..coz i feel like im gg crazy n want to xplode, but dere's no one around anw...

oh probably a disappointment...all dat i've learnt to probably help me thru dis, seems like it's all been much for positivity...dere's so much negativity, i cant breathe...

i've been totally out of sorts...i can sort of cry anitime...i've done dat twice or thrice in de past few days (including today). do i sound psycho?

i relli need 2 get a grip on myself. but who's dere 2 support me?

life's a test.


Friday, March 4, 2011

my thoughts

I tink I'm emotionally unstable.

Help me, ya Allah....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


20 Rabiulawal 1432 Hijrah


Bad habits: I did not eat dinner for two days redi...finally did today...haix...n im like having a headache due to lack of slp...shd go to slp soon..juz wanted to lepaskan perasaan...

ok...actually...i tink i shd go...coz i relli need some slp...


Monday, February 21, 2011

May Allah give me the strength..

18 Rabiulawal 1432 Hijrah


Hmm..we're still in the birthday month of Rasulullah s.a.w. Semoga aku diberi peluang untuk mendekatkan lagi diriku kepada Rasulullah s.a.w. Insya-Allah..=)

Anw, hari ini was my first day of teaching practice 2 at evergreen sec! hmm...although i din start de practicum period wif how i wanted to, insya-allah, it'll go on smoothly from tomorrow onwards..

Note to myself: Amal Hayati, tolong ingat yang setiap orang Islam sedang mengibarkan syiar Islam. Please make sure that you are discipline and more focused this time round ok? no excuses. Haruslah kamu menjadi antara yang terbaik!

Insya-Allah, I will try my best...once I complete my assignment, I'll rest well, and make sure I take care of myself and at the same time, try to start work early! jadi tak lah kelam kabut...esp wen nxt wk comes...

I juz need to oso always remember dat Allah is always wif me...insya-Allah....

Dis time, I sumhw need to b very firm with de students. Like I sed to the students earlier, I hope dat dis experience will help shape me to be a better teacher. No more main2! No more sambil lewa!!

Oklah, I need to complete my assignment from NIE rite away n den I can rest to do my best in my teaching...Insya-Allah...may Allah give me de strength n positivity to carry on in de coming 10 wks n beyond....

Ya Allah...Please make sure I dun forget you amidst my busy schedule...


Amal Hayati.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


whyyyyyyy don't i ever learn my lesson???

sorry..just need to let off some steam..i'm going crazy doing my assignment...after all, it's last minute, where did all my motivation n discipline go to? did i throw it out?


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

one super long day...

13 Rabiulawal 1423 Hijrah

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah!

Masya-Allah...2day was a testing day for me...woke up as early as 4.45am. wen I actually slept at abt 12.45am d nite b4...den pagi2 pun ade sakit perut...

So, breakfast-I had one slice of bread with nutella...

Lesson supposedly starts at 8.30am...i reached de lab at abt, plan was dat it'll b a day of presentations by clazmates n ourselves...but den, claz din start promptly at 8.30am...y? coz practically less than half de claz was at de lab by, at 8.40am..ppl were still happily streaming in...I tink we finally started de lesson at abt 8.45-8.50am? bsides dat, found out dat one of my grp members wasnt feeling well n wun b coming..

datz simply, anw, first presentation started...n den de 2nd...n halfway, we had to leave for d lecture theatre at ntu for our briefing on our final posting by MOE...well, I managed to buy a chicken sausage bun b4 gg into d lt...

So, lunch-I had a chicken sausage bun and a box of pocky biscuits..

so, aft briefing, we went back to claz..was de first group to b back...d rez probably went to grab a bite...?

so, anw, we continued wif presentations...

den, 2.10pm rite, it shd b my grp's turn to present...but..we had another lesson at 2.30pm plus we were gonna b having, din exactly wanna go, finally decided dat, after our Maths lesson which is at 4.30pm, we'll come back to the lab to present...

n so, we did just dat...notice dat so far, dere hasn't been any breaks or a proper meal.

alhamdulillah, test seems to b ok...n d presentation went on fine...

so, my brain kept on sending signals dat it needs food...but aft presentation, my grpmates decided dat dey wanted to settle de softcopy n hardcopy to b submitted dere n, we went 2 de lib..n made d necessary changes to our ppt slides...n print n save to, aft settling all dat, it was almoz 7pm...

so, dinner-I had 2 small slices of pizza (de personal pan pizza slices) and 2 spring rolls..oh n 1 chewy junior cream puff.

n I still have not eaten a proper meal for de day...

can someone volunteer to make sure dat i eat properly evryday? =/

Honestly, I'm not feeling very positive abt things in general..


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

beautiful morning..

21 Safar 1432 Hijrah

Salam alaik!

It's a beautiful morning...coz I actually haf time 2 admire it 2day..=) Alhamdulillah...

Rite now, d scenery bside me are trees! haha..i can c de sky too..but blocked by buildings oso...d air smells fresh n wonderful..n i can hear birds chirping's wonderful isnt it? to haf eyes to look at this haf ears dat can hear birds haf a nose dat can smell...Subhanallah..soo many blessings...

N juz yesterday, i tot i was sinking back into d ocean...but i surprised myself 2day by being able to go out at 6.30am frm home...means, if i'm focused n discipline...i can do lots of things! so, Amal dear, dun gif up n persevere!

Ok, gotta get back 2 my work...=)



Amal Hayati.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



honestly, rite now, I feel like a loser...esp if u meneliti ciri2 seorang muslim...wer am i? so far...*sighs*



20 Safar 1432


2day I printed out the old taskinator from I aim to start using it 2moro, insya-Allah...

*sighs* wateva i felt like saying, i juz dun feel like saying it anymore.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


15 Safar 1432 Hijrah

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah!

Hmm...daripada tadi lah saya nak blog sebenarnye...dan keinginan nak blog ni pun ade tujuannye tau! Actually...i'm so used to wasting my, now dat I'm slowly trying to change my habits...2 b honest, I feel a lil lost in direction...k, reason y i want to blog is to stop myself from clicking on the link to facebook games....seriously, u may say, alah..skali-skala, ok la kan...untuk rez de mind...problem is...dah a few times da masuk game, sesungguhnya, tak patut betul ku masuk main game tu untuk brape kali lagi! jadi, drpd main game, blogging lagi bagus kan? pasal dapat bermuhasabah? betul tak? i mean lebih baik drpd waste time buat sumting yg tak perlu...increase time lagha je...kate nak, trying lah ni...relli tau...i relli wana change for de better...

cume, skarang ni, since i dun slp after subuh, my day has bcum officially a certain xtent...n im not too sure how to fill up my time without doing lagha...

well, i knw i can fill it up wif ibadah...but i oso dun want myself to do something inconsistently...takut buat banyak2 nanti, lame2 rase beban pulak...den stop terus..=/ haix...tak tahulah...but anw, hmm..muslimah nga 'cuti' ni...jadi, so far, banyakkan zikir je lah...rase rindu nak solat...dah lame tak rase camni..rindunye menghadap allah...jiwaku rase tak sabar pulak nak habis 'cuti'..=) biarlah dpt ngaji, solat...hmm...smoga aku diberi peluang untuk menikmati ibadah pada hari esok2...

anw, d other day, it juz sort of came to me..i started 2 doa...smoga aku mati dalam iman...

memikirkan masa depan yang tak tentu...takut rasenye...lagi2 laz wk ( i tink) ade bace pasal mereka yang alim, tapi towards d end of their lives, dey changed n mati dlm kekufuran...ya allah...matikanlah aku dalam iman ya allah...

anw, on a sidenote, i tink it's gd dat i dun uar-uarkan my blog to ppl...if not, i feel like wat i blog, may not b very sincere as dere will b times wen i tink abt hw ppl will perceive me wen dey rd a certain sumting etc..

oh ya! dat reminds me! d subject of strangers...people who r strange...unique...hehe..

smlm bace kat, kalau tak salah ah..n oso pernah disentuh time qiyam at masjid hasanah..ghuraba'-strangers..

Muslims are strangers...esp in dis society where a lot of things dat we probably do r perceived as out of de norm in de community...well, i know laz time, wen i was younger, i was relli very comfortable wif my 'uniqueness'..without even knowing dis concept..mayb bcoz wen i was younger, i was more innocent? mayb bcoz wen i was younger, my intentions were sincerely for Allah? i dont knw...all i knw is dat, i was happy being myself...being a Muslim...

but along the way, sumting happened. i lost confidence. my self-esteem dropped. i still had a bit of i dun care wat ppl think, but i definitely cared..a lot more than i used 1 n half years, my life started to change...

it was horrible..relli...n i tink my lack of self-esteem had a lot to do wif my own actions..i bcame 'like everyone else' n i started berating myself for dat...n i started to feel like i cudnt face Allah..

subsequent years, i bcame worse...everytime i wanna improve, i fall back, n it was juz so difficult. I guess it relli did take a lot of willpower...n sincerity. taubat nasuha. n wif dat, Allah helped me...

sumhw, 2010 has taught me a lot...relli a lot...but den, i also realised dat, if i had never walked dis path, i may oso not b de person whom i am now...wat's past was painful, shameful but at least i've learnt a lot. i juz hope i can b consistently good from now on..good in islamic terms. means dekatkan diri dengan ape yang disukai Allah dan menjauhi ape yang dilaranginya..=)

insya-Allah, Allah will help me...

I juz wanna thank Him again, n again...for always being there for me...even when i erred..thank u for giving me de knowledge through all de perantaraan, de frenz u've given me to create d islamic environment, everything ya allah...

I love you...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Building up my self-esteem..

14 Safar 1432 Hijrah

Salam to all! =)

Alhamdulillah, i'm in a good's not dat bz yet...or mayb datz juz bcoz im not making myself bz enuf..=/ not sure if datz gd or bad...gargh..

anw, i'm trying to piece back my self-esteem...i believe my outlook of myself used to be much better than now definitely..sumhow, along the way, i kinda fell...n realised dere wasn't many ppl 2 help me up...n i guess, i juz kept stumbling n falling...n after awhile, mayb i din try hard enough to get up...n mayb i 4got i had Allah to turn to...*sighs*

well, no matter wat now, i promise myself dat i will try my bez 2 stay positive from now on. confidence n self-esteem does make a lot of difference in a person. i have always known dat...but wen i fell, i guess my knowledge wasnt enough to overcome my lack of self-esteem.

Well, I'm just happy dat i have an opportunity to start afresh. at least now, i feel closer to my closest sister...=) i'm juz glad she neva gave up on me even tho we drifted apart at some point..i am blessed, aren't i? i cant blif de negative thoughts i used to think...but den agn, i drifted away from practically all my close frenz..wat do u xpect me to think? haix...ohwells..i juz knw now dat i should always treasure my family 1st...

anw, i've also made new frenz..tho im not so close to dem as how i used 2 b close 2 my close frenz...i'm glad im frenz wif warms my heart seeing my frenz having passion for islam...n it also helps me create dat environment for me 2 b a better person..insya-Allah...

it juz shows dat i shd always blif in Allah...He knws bez wat's gd 4 me..i'm sure..=)

well, piecing up my self-esteem is indeed not an easy feat...i have a feeling i mite get emotional at some times...but insya-Allah, i'll succeed. May I b a teacher who possess confidence, insya-Allah.

some laz words for myself: I will enjoy practicum!

I really want to believe dat..n i've told myself dat i'll say it everyday to believe it..I haf 5 wks to practicum...insya-Allah, i'll b more than ready by then...Allah will help me, insya-Allah.

I love you Allah..Thanks for everything..=)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

keindahan ilmu..

27 Muharram 1432

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh... fast time's almoz d end of muharram...=/

Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah...I feel that I've learnt a lot from the month of Muharram..Thank you Allah for all the opportunities you've given me to learn n insya-allah b a better muslimah...only u knw wat's bez 4 me..=)

Recently, I read a bk 'Mengintai Cinta Khalifah'. N dere's so many things to learn from the book!'s a novel n I feel dat dere's a lot of dakwah in it...Alhamdulillah, I feel dat I've benefitted a lot from it..Im still gonna go thru de book agn to take note of wat I've learnt from the bk...bcoz i do not wana lose the ilmu dat i've gained from it...

Perhaps, i'll talk abt wat I've learnt from the book wen i'm done extracting the bits i felt are important to me..=)

Besides this book, dere was the dec qiyam, tho i feel guilty coz i dun exactly rmmbr wat hadits was discussed for dat qiyam..n de reminder of us muslims as the ummah of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. layakkah kita mengaku diri kita sebagai umat Rasulullah s.a.w.? adakah kita mengikut sunnah rasul? dere r relli so many things dat can b done to improve myself..subhanallah...

den, im quite happy to start 2011 differently from previous years...honestly, i was one of the ppl who watched the countdown from hme...but alhamdulillah, wif Allah's rahmah, I spent the time at the house of Allah instead..Masya-Allah... Alhamdulillah, i thank Allah for the opportunity he gave me to b wif like-minded individuals at masjid mydin, to give praises to Allah n Rasulullah s.a.w. D event started at abt 9.30pm but alhamdulillah, i reached dere earlier to solat jemaah isyak. So, dere was dzikir n selawat, oso a tazkirah by ustaz ahmad dahri n muhasabah of de past year...

how haf we fared in 2010? adakah kita mengalami kerugian? Jadilah penghuni akhirat, janganlah sentiasa berusaha untuk menghuni dunia. Hidup = tanggungjawab

I felt dat i left de masjid wif a renewed spirit to better myself, insya-allah...

n 1st jan 2011 came, wif oso other tazkirahs for myself..(i went for a workshop in the morning). basically dere were 4 short talks. 1st, a tazkirah on niyyah.

one of my take-aways:

(Niyyah Imam Abdullah Al-Haddad)
"My intention is to study and to teach,
to remember and to remind,
to gain benefit and to benefit others,
to accept and be accepted,
and to be encouraged to hold strongly to
The Book of Allah
and the Sunnah of His Messenger,
and ask for guidance and guidance on good deeds,
and to seek His Wajh, His contentment, His closeness and His rewards"

Insya-Allah, whatever that we do, the ultimate intention is to seek for Allah's redha. =)

2nd speaker talked about some of the issues that are faced by the Muslim community

My takeaway was ways to deal with youth. I tink dat it's esp useful 4 me since i'll b teaching in a secondary sch...=)

3rd speaker talked abt time management=life management. I think lots of things talked abt were things i alredi know...but I guess, it was probably due to my renewed spirit dat I relli felt motivated to start afresh n hopefully improve myself even more. Insya-Allah. May Allah give me the strength to istiqamah. =)

4th speaker talked a bit more generally if I'm not wrong. but it was still an inspiring session. My favourite acronym now is MAD. MAD=Make A Difference..=)

I relli hope to be a better muslimah as I wanna b a positive role model for my future students. May my efforts terus kekal insya-Allah...

Salam sayang,

Amal Hayati. =)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

talking to the mirror..

28 Zulhijjah 1431 (according to the calendar on the blog)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

my head was thinking of this song...

Lirik Lagu ” Rasulullah “
Artis ” Hijjaz “

Rasulullah Dalam Mengenangmu
Kami Susuli Lembaran Sirahmu
Pahit Getir Pengorbananmu
Membawa Cahaya Kebenaran

Engkau Taburkan Pengorbananmu
Untuk Umatmu Yang Tercinta
Biar Terpaksa Tempuh Derita
Cekalnya Hatimu Menempuh Ranjaunya

Tak Terjangkau Tinggi Pekertimu
Tidak Tergambar Indahnya Akhlakmu
Tidak Terbalas Segala Jasamu
Sesungguhnya Engkau Rasul Mulia
Tabahnya Hatimu Menempuh Dugaan
Mengajar Erti Kesabaran
Menjulang Panji Kemenangan
Terukir Namamu Di Dalam Al-quran

Rasulullah Kami Umatmu
Walau Tak Pernah Melihat Wajahmu
Kami Cuba Mengingatimu
dan Kami Cuba Mengamal Sunnahmu

Kami Sambung Perjuanganmu
Walau Kita Tak Pernah Bersua
Tapi Kami Tak Pernah Kecewa
Allah dan Rasul Sebagai Pembela


Anyway, juz wanted to say a lil something...

When we love Allah n we aim to please Him in whatever dat we do, what others think don't matter much...coz our focus will b on wat pleases Allah n not wat pleases other ppl..=)

Okay...I'm just in a good mood...

Thanx ustadzah...for the workshop...I tink it relli helped me to start practising new habits...insya-allah, i'll b a better muslimah..=)

ok, perhaps i shd elaborate a lil...i din even blog abt de workshop! ok, basically, twas quite cool ah...haha...hmm..1st, we watched a video--> the secret. some of the things touched in the video, Cikgu Sairi kinda alredi talked abt it to our class b4. but still, getting the whole flow of evryting during dat whole video was was relli inspirational. =)

so, den, we tried out some activities...ustadzah gave us a hand mirror each to look at ourselves and say positive things about ourselves while we look into the mirror. our friend is supposed to listen. segan...i tink moz of us din relli do dis exercise awkward seh orang lain dengar..but i told myself i'll try to do it properly at home.

den, the next activity was we were supposed to cucuk a straw right through a potato. blum masak punye potato tau...potato biase yang keras, i used wat i learnt in the video...visualise the result dat u want, feel de satisfaction/joy of attaining it, den wen u do it, u wholesomely believe dat it can b done...i had 2 do it for a few tries tho...but i never doubted dat it wouldnt happen.

next activity was even more interesting! we were supposed to step on a tray of eggs. the eggs r not supposed to break. the key is to focus and believe. a few ppl tried b4 me but i was de first who tried n did not break d eggs! yay!, wat this thought me is dat, wen i relli put my mind to something, n focus n believe, i WILL attain the results i want. So, WHY havent I been doing dat? thinking seems silly dat I've wasted my life away...oh wells...I juz want to change for de better now..=)

so, anw, regarding talking to the mirror, i've put in onto my daily list of things to do...y? coz dere was a part of the video dat also talked abt gratitude. n we haf so much to b thankful for to our creator! juz dis morning, i was looking at de mirror...k, my look at de mirror regime is kinda wen im brushing my, anw, i start to relli appreciate evrything abt myself u knw...wen i look into the mirror, k, i oso bace doa tengok cermin, but i say it in malay coz i cant rmmbr de arab. den, i will start to thank allah for his blessings...i thank allah 4 giving me my eyes such that i can c myself in de mirror...i thank allah for giving me straight, white, perfect teeth (i dun exactly have it yet but i want to have it n i blif i'll have it, but even if i dun haf it, having teeth is still sumting to b thankful for, coz it's wat makes us 'perfect') i thank allah for giving me a healthy body, dat can do so many things...i thank allah for healthy hair, i thank allah for my ears dat allow me to hear, i thank allah for my nose for letting me smell, my hands dat can do so many things, my legs that allow me to walk n do other things...n whilst being so bersyukur, it also made me feel terharu...dat allah gave me so many blessings...n wat i thank allah for are just a few out of de many, many blessings dat i haf...subhanallah...wonderful, isnt it?

so, on top of saying positive things in myself, to boost my self-esteem n self-confidence, i oso thank allah...for evrything dat he has given me...esp wat i c in de mirror evryday...alhamdulillah...tiada cacat celanya...n i juz wanna make myself realise dat all these are blessings n allah can choose to take them back at any time...

i think learning to be thankful to allah for wat I have, makes me love him more...insya-allah..

loving it,

Amal Hayati.

Monday, November 15, 2010

kerugian besar..

8 Zulhijjah 1431 (according to the calendar app on the left, it's 9 and i've always been using dat..strange...)

Anyway, assalamualaikum warahmatullah...

Yesterday was officially my last lesson at PADA for the year...hence, i now have finally gotten the knowledge of the 7 habits of the mind. alhamdulillah...

not to mention dat for the previous perdaus lesson, we also looked thru the traits of a mukmin...

i tink for me, im one of de moz rugi person on earth...y is dat so? i haf so much ilmu from the years of education dat ive went thru...but the worst part is i do not mengamalkan wat i have learnt...

it's juz a waste lah honestly...

my top problem right now is's so easy for me to terjebakkan diri dalam lagha...mindless distractions dat doesnt benefit me...sighs...

Amal needs to buck up a lot!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hadith reflection 1

25 Zulkaedah 1431

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

Yesterday, I was thinking about how I need 2 b closer 2 my, i started looking around..looking at de sky n de trees n plants around me...den, i was tinking..perhaps, i shd take it a step further n reflect on wat i was seeing...

so, i decided to reflect on the plants...its beauty, its variety, its benefits...n den i remembered a hadith dat we covered in class, i decided dat 4 my 1st hadith reflection, i'd like to reflect on dis hadith...

Dari Ibnu Umar r.a., katanya Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda: "Di antara beberapa pohon, ada pohon yang tidak gugur daunnya; pohon itulah perumpamaan seorang muslim. Terangkanlah kepadaku, pohon apakah itu?" Orang-orang yang hadir ketika itu menebak, "Pohon dalam hutan belukar." Kata Ibnu Umar, "Saya menebak pohon korma. Tetapi saya malu mengatakannya." Kata mereka, " Tunjukkanlah kepada kami, ya Rasulullah! Pohon apakah itu?" Jawab Nabi, "Pohon korma!"

Narrated ibn Omar (radiyAllahu anhu):

The Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) said, “Amongst the trees, there is a tree, the leaves of which do not fall and is like a Muslim. Tell me the name of that tree.” Everybody started thinking about the trees of the desert areas. And I thought of the date-palm tree but felt too shy to answer. The others then asked, “What is that tree, O Allah’s Apostle?” He replied, “It is the date-palm tree.”

So, anyway, since Rasulullah s.a.w. has said dat a date tree is like a muslim, i went to look up on the benefits of the date tree and date, here are some links to share...

so, y r we muslims compared to de date tree? It's precisely coz date trees are in they r useful in it the leaves, the fruits, the wood...hence, what we shd contemplate on is how r we as muslims in our society? do we contribute to society? do we make ourself of use to others in the community?

as my ustadz touched on d other time, what kind of legacy will we leave behind when we die? what will people remember us for?

for me, i dun tink i've done much in my life for the society...guess it's sumting i need to work on..=/ not sure if dis reflection is gg on well...

btw! i found a muslim manga website! i was amazed dat dere is such a website..alhamdulillah.. i luv reading comics so, perhaps now, i can try to read wat's up at muslim manga..=) i've included it in my links section on the left hand side of the blog..

yupz...ok den, shall go off..



Amal Hayati.


25 Zulkaedah 1431


I juz had a talk wif my ex-bf...kinda got me emotional...i actually told him the outright truth abt wat i felt...was saying dat if he were 2 propose 2 me nw, i wudnt accept, i haf a valid reason's coz of agama...he's not ready 2 lead...seriously...n i feel dat he doesnt put in enuf effort...datz my opinion lah...which 2 him muz b berat...coz he din grow up in de kind of environment i did...but izit wrong 4 me 2 hope for better? it's not rite? i mean it concerns my future...n de future of my kids..haix...

i felt cruel...but i tink it'll oso b cruel not letting him knw wat i relli feel...i want him 2 dat if he's relli serious, he'll gif some serious thinking abt wat i sed...i mean he alredi knws wat my dad feel...i've told him countless of times...

gargh...if onli i cud turn back time, i would neva haf gotten myself into a relationship. seriously. buat lebih dosa je...mcm lah pahala tu da banyak sgt...haix...

but anw, insya-allah, wat mistakes i make, will make me a stronger person...i do not want to make the same mistake twice. no more boyfriends for me, thank u very much. husband can. halal in islam. but not so soon..=/ im nt redi...

anw, let's get out of dis somber atmosphere...

i bought stickers! at jp, stationery island! it's pretty..=) but nice stickers are oso freaking expensive...haix...but anw, i bought de stickers to decorate my boring self-made organiser...heh... shall work on de deco even more wen i wake up later... right, im oso supposed to reflect on 1's one of my missions...shd i juz do it wen i wake up later? i tink i shd slp...


kla, im gg 2 slp...nite2!


Sunday, October 31, 2010


23 Zulkaedah 1431

Salam to all... not feeling very well...dono if it's coz of lack of slp or wat...mayb i shd add a mission to sleep early so dat i haf enuf rez...

hmms...i wanna go 4 madrasah find out the next habits of the mind..can i bear to miss it? =/

ok2...i better sign off now...gotta get my failed mission back on track...STUDY! ya, ok, bye2!

-Amal Hayati-

Saturday, October 30, 2010

cleared the air

finally, the thing dat was bothering me is no longer bothering me. yay! finally, a peace of mind...

gd nite world! sweet dreamz...

-Amal Hayati-